↳Women of Marvel (9/10): Anya Corazon, aka Araña or Spider-Girl

Powers and Abilities: Anya was given a spider tattoo by a member of the Spider Society, which granted her an exoskeleton, superhuman strength and reflexes, and the ability to stick to solid surfaces. During the events of Civil War, Anya lost her some of her powers in a fight with Doomsday Man, who ripped away her exoskeleton. Anya went on to fight as Spider-Girl despite having lost her primary powers. She’s later given a version of Spider-Man’s powers, and can generate organic webbing.

Background: A normal high school student from Brooklyn, Anya was involved in a fight one night, not realizing that the mystic Spider Society was part of the battle. Anya was injured, but was healed through a gift of power from Miguel, the Spider Society sorcerer. Since then, she has fought both with the Spider Society, and on her own, as well as eventually joining the Young Allies with her close friend Rikki Barnes.

Why you should love her: She has a great sense of determination and strength, continuing to fight even after losing her powers and later facing some really hard things involving her family (I’m trying not to spoil anything). Anya’s humor is witty and sharp, slightly cornball but in a loveable way, and the relationships she has with Rikki, her father, and Carol Danvers are very compelling and show Anya at her best.

Where you should read about her: 

  • Amazing Fantasy V.2 #1-6
  • Spider-Man and Araña: The Hunter Revealed (one-shot)
  • Ms. Marvel V.2 #6-8, 11-13, and 18-24
  • Young Allies
  • Onslaught Unleashed
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