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Anonymous: why don't u like seb stan

it’s not that i don’t like him as a person, he’s a cool dude and everything, but there’s just like… too much.

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Anonymous: "this ain't a scene, it's an arms's race" that's the fall out boy song that person was talking about

oh okay, thanks friend!!

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kiransingh replied to your post: who do i have to bribe to get all the …

isn’t ur tag a fall out boy song

not… on… purpose…

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who do i have to bribe to get all the seb stan off my dash

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someone make me a chart of exactly how much air time per miniseries sebstan spends being v gay, v sad, v crying, and v gay v sad v crying and v hooking up with people.

pls include a series list and timestamps for ref.

asking for a friend.


Make me choose
scottxlogan asked: Magneto or Professor X?

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okay but can you imagine like

a week after your truck gets stolen out of the goddamn mall parking lot, you get a knock on the door and there’s fucking Captain America standing there. Says he’s here about your goddamn truck. And for a moment you wonder if he started working for the police now that Shield took a dive, but you don’t say so, you just nod when he describes your truck to you, license plate number, make, model and color, all to a tee. 

And then the weirdest thing happens (weirder than Captain America just showing up at your front door). Captain America starts looking bashful. And then he tells you your truck was lost ‘in the line of duty’. You must still look a little awestruck because he elaborates; he’s the one who took your truck. 

Captain America fucking stole your goddamn truck out of the goddamn mall parking lot.

And he’s going to pay for a new one. And he’s very, very sorry.

He comes with you to the car dealership, too. Because he’s so so sorry, also he gets military discount, so he can help you.
he is so so sorry
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